Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Zoo Day!!

On Friday 10th August the Junior School went on a trip to the Auckland Zoo! It was so much fun!

We got to visit the Bug Lab - it was interesting learning about all the different bugs.

We were also lucky enough to have an education lesson with some of the Zookeepers - they taught us how to be entomologists (that's a bug expert!)

Maths in the sun !

It feels like spring!

We got outside to enjoy the lovely weather and did a little bit of maths! 

Learning outside is so much more fun - we liked going outside in the sun 

Kereru's Sports Afternoon!

Kereru 2 and Kereru 3 went outside to have a fun day!

Whaea Trish had us doing hopping races up and down the courts! 

The best team got ice blocks!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

A Bug Song!

We had Whaea Teressa come onto our class for the morning and we went on a bug hunt !

We saw lots of different bugs in the garden. Whaea then taught us how to describe the bugs we saw and we got to talk about them in front of the class in our groups.

The best part was... we made up a little song about our Bug adventure! 


Whaea Verlene has been growing a pumpkin in her garden!
Look how big it got!


Ranui Primary School celebrated ANZAC Day by having a memorial service to remember those who fought, sacrificed and died for our country. We were lucky enough to have two special speakers to tell us a little bit about the ANZAC's.

Stardome !

On Friday 18th May we went on an excursion to Stardome Planetarium! 

Before we went in for our session we had a little snack and play on the playground. It was so much fun!

During our session we learnt about Matariki and a few different constellations. We also learned about how we can see Matariki and find constellations at night time!